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that living cashlessly in 2016 means entering your credit card information or routing number into dozens of stand-alone apps, some of which look as if theyve been built overnight by a high school computer science class. Youll need a mobile credit card replacement Apple Pay or Android Pay for starters, but youll also need person-to-person payment apps like Venmo, PayPal, and Square Cash. Expectation Transfer And, in what TrendWatching has dubbed Expectation Transfer, the experiences consumers have with one brand also impacts the expectations they have from brands in other industries. Well, that's how we're doing.". Selling upgrades at the gate, lufthansa has recently trialled an innovative way to sell upgrades to Premium Economy at the departure gate. You use the app, and to ensure your reliable patronage, Starbucks coughs up a loyalty reward, giving you a free cup of coffee every 15 visits. Our waiter held out the phone as I thrust my clammy fist forward. This overview was the starting point for a wider discussion, bringing together experts from KLM, Norwegian, LSG Group and Diehl to consider the challenges the on-demand catering trend poses and how the industry could address them. Read full article ».

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OK, just a slight pinch, here, he said. That could force a company like Capital One into bankruptcy by no fault of its own. Its really a very simple thing, but Finnair took the time to consider. So we go together on a journey to discover the customer of the future. People very conservative right-wing Christian types might come after you for this. We continuously aim to improve our offer to our frequent flyers. Since then, Situation Stockholm has seen an uptick in sales for vendors, as well as a newfound agency. Read full article » images by Raitis Steinbergs, Alessandro Teglia February 2017 For years, Lufthansa has been one of the very few airlines if not the only one to offer passengers waiting for their flight at the gate complimentary coffee, tea (image), and newspapers.

Inspired by other membership clubs around the world, we have now opened SAS City Lounge to offer people who fly with us frequently, opportunities to meet, work effectively or simply relax in a comfortable environment, even in the center of Stockholm, says Stephanie Smitt Lindberg. All this risk and all this friction, in the service. "The exciting things are not where bitcoin competes with regular money he told me, "but where the tech is so radically different it creates new modes of behavior.

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