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and do more than 50 jumps its easy and profitable to become a member in the club by paying. Bunkhouses, in Gryttjom there are 2 large bunkhouses, Övre and Nedre. As a non-profit club and not a commercial drop zone we work hard to maintain our club status. Try to check in first thing in the morning or the evening before, in the middle of the day. Gryttjom fee: For guest jumpers a 30 SEK facility fee is deducted per jump day. And we are very proud. When visiting Skydive Stockholm, two things will quickly get your attention: First, its cheap to jump, second, at the end of the day you might end up mopping the floors in the packing area. We weigh all jumpers, every season, with full equipment, so bring your rig, helmet, cameras and suits that you will be using. You will love being a guest here, and we will love having you, especially if you dont mind helping us keeping Gryttjom as awesome as possible. In Övre there are four rooms jönköping stadspark in the middle of the building, and in Nedre another 16 rooms.

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The daily fee gives you full access to the kitchen, sauna, showers, washing machine, and a bunk bed. Frihetskänslan att sväva mot marken under fallskärm, frifallet i 200 km/h, den sköna gemenskapen anledningarna till att hålla på med fallskärmshoppning är många. . When you leave your bedroom make sure its a little bit nicer than when you arrived. Make sure you are properly briefed on the routines of jumping in Gryttjom. Each room has four beds with mattresses so if you bring a pillow and sleeping bag or sheets youll be snug as a bug. .

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