jon lundström

to prevent and forbid the use of the dangerous white phosphorus. The safety match had been invented and patented by the Swedish chemist. Johan Edvard Lundström (18151888) was a, swedish industrialist and inventor who pioneered the production of safety matches. Johan Edvard Lundström (18151888). Vättern where they built a large match factory.

Johan Edvard is most of all recognized to have improved the safety match and made it possible to commercially exploit. Lundström had any children or any other relatives that were involved in the factory is not known. By using Twitters services you agree to our. In 1845 Johan Edvard started to experiment with these new type of matches in a small workshop he had rented. The Lundström safety match got an award at the World Exhibition in Paris 1855. A new generation took over the factory in Jönköping but details about this is not very well documented.