t3nd0 är perkus maximus special edition

hits. Restoration Plagues, curses, auras, and much more. As for Nose for Coin rank 1, your suggestion for boss chests made me realize I only tested it on unlocked chests found inside houses, so I ran some tests with the boss chest at Bleakwind Basin in case it made a difference. A: Everything but SkyRe-Main and, if using PerMa-Warrior, Skyre-Combat. There are some exceptions that allow you to lower casting cost, but these are not too common. For my lvl 29 fully modded character, this chest behaves like the others, giving almost the same amount of gold regardless of perks. Display errors Edit Null or Empty NPC or Item names Edit If you use curo rehab i helsingborg a non-English esp the patcher may display mixed language strings or fail to properly patch items. To do so, try to reproduce it with only PerMa, the patch, and the DLC enabled. You may have to add -Xmx1024m in Arguments. However in practice, the only way for the target to wake up is to Wait 3 in-game hours, so it would appear the description and effect don't match. 1.9 (Not needed if you use all three modules) You'll need to tell PaMa that you don't use all modules.

The greatest weakness to this mod is the fluff descriptions, until either you or some other modder make a mod to give clear description on what perks do I won t be downloading. Page 1. T3nd0 s, perkus Maximus with SR:LE - posted in Skyrim Revisited (Skyrim Assuming the readers have the Skyrim Revisited : Legendary edition.

Xml' has 'useThieftrue'. Hi, big fan of perkus, and don't start any new games now without. Smithing Follow the light or heavy material paths to specialize as a blacksmith.

Perks make trap handling better. A "Prodigy" perk is essentially a perk shortcut. A weapon may belong to multiple classes. Light Weaponry (was One-Handed) Use Longswords, Shortswords, Katanas, Tantos, Hatchets, Hammers, Mauls and more to bash heads in and slice enemies. The only people that will not need the JRE are those that have a very minimalistic load order that only includes the DLC and PerMa, and use all PerMa modules (including the bundled, absolutely necessary Wintermyst). Why does it need to exist? None of them grant only passive boosts. "Mastery" perks Each Warrior perk tree has exactly one, and most of them are high level. Are you a guy that redtexts to appear female? Alchemy Apply various poisons and explosions to the traps and missiles you either find in the world or craft with perks from other trees; Alchemy has heavy crafting synergy with other trees and modules. The following tweaks have been made to add some depth and tactic. Turn shields into defensive weapons by enhancing the effects of bashing and power-bashing.