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Advanced Academic Studies, 3 ects credits. One is that we face new ethical challenges. There are a lot of ideas, there are plants with deep roots, as well as new fragile plants. In everyday life, in the private or in professional practice, we meet other people and we find ourselves in morally difficult situations. The Centre for Applied Ethics is a part. Biomedical Ethics, 7,5 ects credits, master's Thesis, 15 ects credits, philosophy and Film, 7,5 ects credits. This document can be downloaded from: /download/18.3a36c20d133af0c / recommended reading: Oliver, P (2010 the Student's Guide to Research Ethics, Open University Press, Berkshire, England. Hide menu, autumn term, ethical Theory and Moral Practice, 7,5 ects credits.

Do we borat outfit köp have moral obligations also towards animals? Social and Political Ethics, 7,5 ects credits. There are many reasons for this. We offer various courses in ethics and applied ethics. Page manager: Last updated: Tue Sep 29 17:33:Organization, navigation. Spring term, business Ethics, 7,5 ects credits, environmental and Animal Ethics, 7,5 ects credits. Page manager: Last updated: Tue Sep 13 13:24. Some people think that there are easy answers to these questions or that we need new gurus who can give us the answers. Presently, we offer a master's programme in applied ethics in English.

Sidansvarig: Senast uppdaterad: Wed Oct 24 18:02). Deadline for course registration is March 12th, 2019. Where is the limit for a responsible way of handling this information? Globalisation and Global Justice, 7,5 ects credits.

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