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many pages to scan, one option may be to scan to any of the other services, folders or cloud storage, as these services have no file size limit. Rohn (Prague, Czech Republic). The limit at Uppsala University is 40MB. You may then log in with your campus card or with user-id and password. Rump (Hamburg, Germany/Tokyo, Japan. Log in using your campus card at any eduPrint printer, after an easy registration procedure at the printer. Students pay less for their printouts than non-students. . Muller (Lyon, France. After this the card is registered and you log in by placing your card on the card reader. See guides for the traditional printer and for the, airPrint printer.

This feature also allows people without a university account to scan. When your printing job is submitted you can use any eduPrint printer. Rauh (Rostock, Germany. The size of documents that are possible to scan to e-mail is limited firma klarna ab 11343 stockholm by the size of e-mails that the University's mail servers can receive. What is scanning directly to cloud storage?

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