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King. Uppsala University also hosts the Forum for South Asia Studies, a collaborative academic effort by its six faculties: Theology, Law, History and Philosophy, Social Sciences, Languages, and Educational Sciences. The disciplinary domain of Medicine and Pharmacy includes the Faculty of Medicine and the Faculty of Pharmacy. "Homeless in Uppsala: a foreign student's tale". The buildings and locations where the university has activities or which are significantly connected to its history are listed below. It also benefits from its membership of the Coimbra Group of universities.

In the mid-18th century, there were plans to move it back to the Academia Carolina or a new building on the same spot. The turbulent period of the reformation of King Gustavus Vasa resulted in a drop in the already relatively insignificant number of students in Uppsala, which was seen as a center of Catholicism and of potential disloyalty to the Crown. Utbildningen för dig som vill arbeta med avancerad teknikutveckling och forskning. Sista ansökningsdag:, antal platser: 35, förkunskapskrav. Straka of Ship of Theseus sends. Rankings edit provisorisk bussterminal slussen Uppsala University places well in many rankings. To make it easier for students to find moderately priced housing, special student rooms and student apartments have been built by the student nations and student unions. 2, twenty-eight per cent of the 716 professors at the university are women. 25 The late Jan Stenbeck, a Nordic media mogul who controlled Modern Times Group, was also an alumnus of Uppsala University. The first woman in Sweden to complete a doctoral degree was Ellen Fries (18551900 who entered Uppsala university in 1877 and became a PhD in history in 1883. Women at the university edit The issue of women's right to study at universities was raised during the very last session of the estate parliament in 1865 in a motion from Carl Johan Svensén, a member of the farmers' estate. An attempt was made in the 1870s to introduce academic rowing after the Oxbridge model.

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