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Christmas 2004 and also a book, Skinnarmo i Shackletons spår (Skinnarmo in Shackleton's Footprints) which was published in 2005. He used oxygen starting at Camp 2, and reached the summit with eight of the eight high altitude porters, and five of 12 fellow clients, including fellow Swede Johan Frankelius. Uppsala universitet, medicinska och farmaceutiska vetenskapsområdet. Sundström, Johan professor, wiberg, Bernice doctoral/PhD student, wohlin, Martin senior lecturer Åsberg, Signild specialist physician Search for organisation or staff Print. Isbn, uppsala : Acta Universitatis Upsaliensis, 2006. Physician, lind, Lars professor, muntlin Athlin, Åsa associate professor, stenborg, Anna physician. George Mallory theoretically could have climbed the mountain as early as June 8, 1924.

Please contact the directory administrator for the organization (department or similar) to correct possible errors in the information. Stefan Branth, född, är överläkare på medicinkliniken vid Akademiska sjukhuset. Uppsala och före detta elitorienterare. Han har genom åren varit rådgivare och läkare åt en mängd idrottsstjärnor och ett tiotal olika svenska landslag, bland annat svenska bronslaget i fotboll från 1994 och engelska fotbollslandslaget 2002.

Blodkollen Nyheter från Blodkollen (på sv). One of these documentaries was shown on TV4 in March 2007 and was called. Stefan Branth, född, är överläkare på medicinkliniken vid, akademiska sjukhuset i, uppsala och före detta elitorienterare. In 2010, Sträng climbed Gasherbrum 2 (8035 m) and Gasherbrum 1 (8068 m).

During the spring of 2006, in another commercial expedition guided by Scott Woolums and Jamie McGuinness, Fredrik Sträng climbed Mount Everest. Sträng and Flock also participated in a medical experiment conducted. Andersen, Kasper physician, arefalk, Gabriel physician, beijer, Kristina researcher, bergman, Eva-Mathilda research physician. The main reason was falling ice in the area called the bottleneck (a 100 m tall overarching wall of ice) which caused the majority of the deaths. In summer 2012, Fredrik returned to climb K2 in an international research project by researchers associated with the University of Umeå, Uppsala University, Aalto University, Cranfield University and Åbo Akademi University for four years to study decision making in extreme environments.

Stefan branth uppsala
stefan branth uppsala

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