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again. Valborgsmässoafton - måndag 30/4.00-18.00 maj 1:a Maj - tisdag 1/5.00-17.00. However, when travel time to and from Stockholm and Gothenburg's airports is taken into consideration, taking a flight takes approximately 3 hours which is actually comperable to the train. Stockholm to Gothenburg Travel Comparison, average Price, travel Time. Swebus operates 5 buses which depart from Stockholm's Cityterminalen bus station and take from 7-7 hours to arrive at Göteborg Nils Ericsson Terminalen. Airlines that travel directly from Stockholm to Gothenburg include. Trains from Stockholm to Gothenburg, flights from Stockholm to Gothenburg, return trips from Gothenburg to Stockholm. Most popular way to travel from Stockholm to Gothenburg. I miss you, Berlin. SAS, Norwegian Air, and, tasman Cargo Airlines.

The fastest way is by taking a flight or train, while taking the bus is the cheapest way to travel from Stockholm to Gothenburg. Allmänna ytor, mån tis:.0023.00, ons tor:.0000.00, fre lör:.0001.00, sön:.0023.00, restauranger.

All trains arrive at Göteborg centralstation. Key departure points in Stockholm include Stockholm central train station, Stockholm Cityterminalen bus station, and Stockholm's Arlanda and Bromma airports. Fastest way to travel from Stockholm to Gothenburg.

Nyårsafton - måndag 31/12.00-17.00, med reservation för ändringar. How to Travel from Stockholm to Gothenburg. All trains traveling from Stockholm to Gothenburg are operated. FlixBus operates 3 or 4 buses which depart from Stockholm's Terminalslingan bus station and take between 6 and 7 hours to arrive at Göteborg Nils Ericsson Terminalen. There are usually 16-17 trains that travel from Stockholm to Gothenburg every day, with the first train departing Stockholm centralstation at 6:00.m. Jultider - fredag 21/12.00-21.00, jultider - lördag 22/12.00-21.00, jultider - söndag 23/12.00-21.00. NK Göteborg, välkommen in Idag har vi öppet.00-20.00 januari, nyårsdagen - måndag 1/1 stängt, trettondagsafton - fredag 5/1 stängt. Måntis:.0023.00, onstor:.0000.00, frelör:.0001.00 Sön:.0023.00 För mer information, besök OLearys hemsida Taco Bar Måntor:.0021.00 Fre:.0023.00 Lör:.0023.00 Sön:.0021.00 För mer information, besök Taco Bars hemsida Nöjen Clayn Play Måntor:.0020.00 Fre:.0022.00 Lör:.0022.00 Sön:.0020.00 För öppettider, besök.